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Vip mobile numbers is that is a combination of letters as well as numbers, in order to increase the recall value of the phone number  it’s much easier to memorize/remember the number. It’s

Mostly Used by Companies or Businesses

who want to make sure that their customers should be able to call them easily. It costs a lot, and therefore, a number of your choice, especially the prefix, is not exactly easy to get


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VIP Mobile Numbers In Delhi

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King Vip Numbers 

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There are a lot of individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and even medium sized businesses who need a USA phone number because for some reason people usually get impressed and suddenly want to work with you if you own a USA phone number or any other international phone number

King Vip Numbers is an industry first which allows users to search for a desired number and Phone word from our extensive database and display any available options/combinations.This establishment occupies a prominent location in Udaipur.
Vip Mobile Number In Delhi

How to Get a USA phone number
Short-list a service that offers a USA phone number
Take a good look at the FAQ and how the service works
Hopefully they will offer a free-trial and you can check the service before paying
Choose a plan that fits your needs by assessing the features and price
Pay the price
vip numbers in delhi
For your ease, we have listed few services which give a USA number. Of course, you could need a USA number for online shopping purposes but whatever your need is, one of the services should be perfect for you to get a USA phone numbers

Do note that several of these services are VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), and that can require some outside hardware/set-up requirements and that… can always be tricky. You can check out our soft-guide that explains the basics of VoIP

For now, Let’s take a look at the services that offer international phone numbers for a price


Kingvipnumbers is an iOS and Android smartphone app that gives entrepreneurs a local or toll-free phone number for their business right on top of their existing mobile devices. The dedicated business phone number can be used for talking and texting customers. Your kingvipnumbers works anywhere you have Internet

With Kingvipnumbers, you can fully separate your business and personal communications and clearly see when calls are for your business so you can respond appropriately. You can set your business hours so you’re not getting constant calls when you’re done working. Kingvipnumbers lets you record a voicemail greeting for your business to make it look more professional

You can choose among thousands of local US, Canadian and toll-free numbers. If you already have an existing phone number, Kingvipnumbers can port the number over, taking care of the logistics for you

Some of the app features also include for a flat, no-contract price of $9.99/Month:

Distinguish between business and personal calls
Voicemail with transcription
Set business hours to control when you receive calls or go on “Do Not Disturb”
Share responsibility for your kingvipnumbers with a partner or team to team up on responding to calls and texts
Dedicated business address book to separate client information from personal contacts


Kingvipnumbers is one of the easiest and most popular phone services out there. One of the big benefits of Kingvipnumbers is the ability to get a phone number from any country, not just the USA/UK/AU but others also. Kingvipnumbers is also free to use when calling other vipnumbers or VoIP services. If you need to call other services, such as landlines, Kingvipnumbers offers tonnes of plans, so you shouldn’t have to worry about spending too little or too much. We tried this service out by purchasing their free phone number and then without adding any funds to our account, called on it. We got a US accent lady saying ‘the number you are dialing is currently unavailable’ – then we checked the dashboard and saw that our purchased number had indeed received the call from the one we were dialing from (so proves that the caller ID works as well as the free phone number purchase) but because we had not setup call forwarding and/or added funds to our account, we had not been able to get ourselves on the phone… Am I making sense? The point is, if you want to use this service to set up PayPal; first add funds via Credit Card and set up call forwarding, which is a ‘free add-on’. Then give it another go and when you see your phone ring (meaning your call is being forwarded successfully) then go ahead and use it for PayPal

King Vip Numbers is an industry first which allows users to search for a desired number and Phone word from our extensive database and display any available options/combinations.This establishment occupies a prominent location in Udaipur.
Vip Mobile Number In Delhi

Best Exclusive Mobile Numbers In Delhi

If you are looking to stick to something you already understand, then just get a number through Kingvipnumbers. Doing so will get you an international phone number with ease, and the prices are quite good. There are still international rates to think about, but depending on your usage it shouldn’t be that expensive. Plus, using Kingvipnumbers gives you the benefit of using it on virtually any device. The only real downside is the list of available countries is pretty short. You can still get India phone numbers though and UK/AUS as well

Top Vip Numbers In Delhi

Kingvipnumbers is an app that gives you a USA phone number to be used on smartphones, tablets, PC/Mac and even smartwatches. The service in itself is IP based that runs on cloud and works with internet. So if you have WiFi or mobile internet, you are all set to use it. Just download the app, select a number with area code, pay the fee and start receiving and making calls. So far the service is like Kingvipnumbers, but you can also text someone and if you pay an additional amount, there are some business features like call screening, multiple lines and auto attendant that you may find useful to use. Prices are available on monthly and annual basis

Kingvipnumbers has apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Apple Watch and FireOS

Vip Numbers In Delhi

Kingvipnumbers offers virtual phone numbers in various countries. Simply signup to get two test numbers for a free test drive of 3-5 days. You will notice that while Kingvipnumbers routes all the calls through VoIP, kingvipnumbers routes all the calls via traditional line. So you basically make calls via their iOS or Android app, but receive calls through your traditional landline or mobile phone, no internet required. All the incoming and outgoing calls work on monthly prepaid basis through 3D secure VISA or Mastercards.Kingvipnumbers customers also have the option to record all incoming and outgoing calls for free by configuring it through their dashboard. Just note that these phone numbers cannot receive any type of automated or verification SMS or calls from Banking services or Shopping sites or Social media sites or any third party website as their virtual numbers and their use is forbidden for identity verification. Plot twist?

This is strictly for businesses I think. You get a USA phone number, local or toll-free. Or even a Canadian local phone number. After that you can set a menu for extension or forward it to a voicemail if you want. You do not need an internet connection or an app, but an active 10-digit phone number to receive/make calls. Each plan comes with 30-day free trial. After that you can pay via your credit card. There are a tonne of other features like faxing, call recording, transcriptions, greetings and conferencing and etc

Mobile Numbers In Delhi

Kingvipnumbers doesn’t promise the moon but give you a good service in the cloud. Yes that’s what they say on their website. Their VOIP service offers a free signup, where you pick a plan and select a Best phone number in Delhi of your choice. Be it toll free or local, you can configure the new USA number on your iOS device by downloading their app. They have a plethora of features attached with each of their plans and you can avail them by paying through you credit card or a checking account

Vip Numbers In Delhi

This is another one of the great services for simple VoIP. Like Kingvipnumbers, this service is also pretty affordable. The cheapest plan is $15 for a starter account. But, users do get to get a number from a huge list of countries, and you could also get a toll free number for US and Canada numbers, which is great for business. Kingvipnumbers phone serviceVonage is another great service that offers phone numbers and dialling plans both. Simply reserve a phone number for yourself and then pick a plan and you are off to a great start. Kingvipnumbers works in every part of the world but if you don’t want their device, then you can pick their softwares which are free to download and are in true sense part of their business package

Odd name I know, but does the job well. You can get a indian phone number for a price. All you need to do is register your Kingvipnumbers device online and you will get to pick a new phone number in any area code in the India . Remember that Kingvipnumbers is a standalone device and has no need of a computer system and hence as such doesn’t require a software (or headset/earphones with mic) to operate. It simply replaces the current phone service you use. Unless you need to add a fresh piece of equipment, then it won’t be replacing anything but adding a new item to your decor. Note that the device is run on an internet connection, be it cable, DSL or fiber-optic

As an honoury mention, I’d like to say that MagicJack is also a very promising solution but do see how it works and/or if its something that fixes your situation to make international calls

That’s our list of great services to get INDIA phone numbers. Now its your turn, tell us which service you use and why provides search results for the various numbers used in India, like mobile phone, telephone, Pincode, STD, Vehicle, ISD country calling code, Bank IFSC codes, Lucky Mobile numbers, Bulk SMS codes, etc. Here, we have largest data bank over Million records, which can provide more than 30 Million results on your seach query. provides the unique details with good quality content from varrious data bank and user generated content. We often try to search the mobile phone number location, Cell phone owner, Telephone directory, Postal Pin code, STD code, Vehicle location mapping, ISD country calling codes, phone area codes, Landline phone details, etc. is the right place to find all your above needs.

Kingvipnumbers is the trusted network for the mobile lovers for to provide fancy mobile numbers in the name of brand. We are the committed professionals helping the mobile lovers for to provide smart and stylish mobile numbers, which is easy to note and remember in our memory. The top big companies out there have been using easy to remember numbers for some years now and that numbers are helping their business successfully. We have categorized all numbers on the basis of Diamond, Platinum, gold, Silver, Bronze numbers. Our ultimate goal is to provide an unrivaled service to all our valuable clients and peoples.

You can reflect your own management practices along with services offered at the events related to call centers. Several events are also covered by media moguls and online bloggers. Therefore, your company has a chance to get highlighted in their stories. Therefore, actively participating in multiple events helps you in becoming a respected brand of your sector. To get more attention, you must deliver a speech or become a member of panel discussion. There are also opportunities of sponsorship, which offer you more face value at -the events.

vip shop mobile number in delhi process as per the expectation of customers always remains a challenge for call center outsourcing vendors. Events like conferences and seminars help you to track the latest insights and discoveries related to behavior of customers. Some speakers and customer experience gurus deliver information on very specific topics like impact of social media support on millennials, role of kingvipnumbers in customer experience and self-service in healthcare industries to name a few. These insights help you modify your own processes as per the customer demands. Several experienced people also provide predictions related to customer behavior in upcoming years.

In order to get a fancy number in india, you will have to do the following:

Submit an application at the registering authority.
You will have to pay the required amount as well.
In case there are multiple applications for a specific registration number, the allotment will be done through an auction process.
india remains one of the most enticing markets for two-wheelers due to a rising number of motor enthusiasts in the state. Also, with rising per capita income and improving standards of living, the india do not mind spending on luxuries such as fancy vehicle registration number. For many bike owners, a special vehicle registration number is a way to show the persona they carry and how greatly they value their precious vehicles. However, obtaining the registration number of your choice could be very tough as the number you are interested in may be looked out by many like you.